John Boadu Visibly Angry As Nana Addo Picks #1

4 More for Nana binned as campaign message effectively immediately?

John Boadu – NPP General Secretary

Reports gathered by, suggests an utter disappointment of the leadership of the ruling New Patriotic Party over the selection of President Akuffo Addo’s ballot position.

At the Electoral commission’s presidential ballot exercise at 4.00 pm today, (20/10/2020), reports say the general secretary of the new patriotic party, John Boadu was visibly seen angry when he learnt the position he picked for President Akuffo Addo number one position.

The new patriotic party was wily at picking the number 4 position, but were unsuccessful in their bid.

The selection of President Mahama to the number two  position cements the aspiration of voters to see his second return to office closer to reality, analyst have said.

Some voters have said, President Nana Addo’s number 1 ballot position equally signifies his one term aspiration, rending his party’s campaign slogan obsolete.

The New Patriotic Party had hoped to pick number 4 to run with their campaign message,  4 More for Nana. However, that didn’t seem possible today.

What message will the ruling party have for Ghanaians as they seem to be loosing all to the National Democratic Congress (NDC)?

Traditionally in Ghana, number 2 is synonymous to victory. Equally, the number 2 means that the people should have more faith in their angels and many good things are on the way to the people, according to Ajarn Jamras, who is an authority in numerology.

The second coming of John Dramani Mahama to lead Ghana from 7th January 2021 is inevitable to happen.