Disregard NPP’s Claim on Joshua Akamba – NDC Chairman

Please read a statement from the NDC UK Telford Branch.

Press Release.
Date. 19th July 2021

Joshua Akamba, NDC National Organiser

Disregard NPP’s Claim on Joshua Akamba.

The NDC UK Telford Branch, has taken notice of a false publication on social media aimed at smearing Comrade Joshua Akamba, the NDC National Organizer, over some comments made during an evening interaction on the topic, “Probity & Accountability: the lessons from the past.”

Mr. Akamba reiterated to the diaspora to get involved in matters pertaining to the development and advancement of Ghana rather than wasting time on issues that may potentially stand in the way of the aforementioned.

I can confirm on authority that at this meeting there was no single mention of anyone inciting smear campaign against anybody in Ghana, especially the president.

This malicious attempt to defame the character of the noble gentleman “Mr. Akamba” is a clear manifestation of desperate attempt of the NPP trying to manufacture solution for trouble that does not exist.

This does not come as a surprise, as Ghanaians can vividly see the colossal profligacy that this government has showcase over the last few years and then trying at all cost to divert attention from this adulterated display of grandiose public funds mismanagement. “This is very unfortunate”.

I therefore call on the general public to disregard the NPP’s false claims.


Ken Johnson,
Chairman, NDC UK Telford Branch