Sack Alele Veronica as DCE – Bole NPP clamour

Constituency executives and some youth groups of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bole District of the Northern Region have hit the streets to demand the dismissal of the District Chief Executive (DCE) Alele Veronica.

Clad in red attire, armbands and headgear, the aggrieved executives and party supporters on Tuesday, 8 January 2019 carried placards, some of which read: “Must Go 4 Election 2020”, “Alele is a threat to NPP’s progress”, and “Alele is not a developer”.

They believe the party will lose the 2020 general elections in that part of the country if the DCE remains in office.

NPP Women’s Organiser of the Bole/Bamboi Constituency, Mariyama Amoro said the DCE has failed to work in accordance with the structures of the party.

Amoro told Class 91.3FM that the constituency executives have made several attempts to work with Alele Veronica, but “she has neglected us since we came into power. This is the third year and we haven’t worked with her. So, we have made up our minds that we have to come out and talk for the president to hear because we are crying for 2020”.

She disclosed that several petitions have been written to the presidency in connection with their grievances but to no avail, thus, their demonstration.

Some other party members told Class News that the DCE has demonstrated gross impunity to the welfare of the party. They accused her of disrespecting the party and not heeding the advice of opinion leaders and the elders of the party in that area.

Some of the protesters argued that the DCE now has police and military guards, and wondered why it was so if she has done nothing wrong.

According to them, her attitude almost affected the recently-held referendum for the creation of the proposed Savannah Region and they had to engineer a rigorous campaign strategy for the people to vote in favour of the creation of the new region.


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