Stacey Amoateng Behind Becca’s Marriage Woes

In a new twist, it has been alleged by a young lady who has identified herself as Becca’s cousin that Stacey Amoateng is the one destroying her relationship with her mother.

In a video, the young lady who’s known as Nana Yaa Achia alleged that Stacey who’s the wife of Okyeame Quophi has been backbiting the singer’s mum to the musician.

According to Nana Yaa Achia, Stacey has been telling Becca that her mother has been insulting her everytime they meet, and then when she goes back to the U.K to see Becca’s mum she tells her too that Becca has been insulting her.

Nana Yaa Achiaa also claims Stacy Amoateng is now on the side of Mr. Acheampong, Becca’s father who has been feeding her toxic information about Becca’s mother.