Rejection of NDC Grassroots Pushed Me Into Chairmanship Race – Danny Annan

A National chairman aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Danny Annan, has disclosed that he is very concerned with the well-being of the ordinary people, particularly those in his party.

The former NDC Greater Accra Regional Chairman who admitted that the ‘neglect’ of the grassroots in the run up to the 2016 general elections was conspicuous indicated that the seeming rejection motivated him to join the race to be a national chairman of the umbrella family.

“The rejection, the neglect, the non-appreciation of the grassroots motivated me,” Mr Annan told Kwame Minka, host of ‘Ete sen’ on Radio XYZ on Friday morning.

“Conciously, you must resource the base [of the party],” he said while explaining that the power and impact of party members at the base of the party cannot be underestimated.

He would not go into details that led to the said neglect of the grassroots which he said are capable of doing a lot to retain or boot a party out of power.

He, therefore, pledged to resource and integrate the base of the party into everything the NDC will do once he is elected to be the party leader, saying he has done it before and can do it again.

“I’m a grassroot person, I know the grassroot and I know what is happening at the grassroot,” he added.

Asked about his commitment to the party, he said while a chairman for the party in Greater Accra Region, he worked hard to increase the Parliamentary seats for NDC.

“I’m not an arm-chair person. Even as a regional chairman, I used to attend branch elections. People get motivated by your presence. It’s not about money.” he said, observing that his commitment to party activities.

Mr Danny Anan has been with the party since its formation 1992 and has held different positions that have translated into successes.

Before leading the party in the Greater Accra, he was the chairman of NDC in the Ledzokuku constituency.

The NDC won 18 seats out of the 22 constituencies in 2008 under his leadership, a success he says came from his hard work. Mr Annan likes to say “I am a result-oriented person.”

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