Hon James Essoun

In the world of life, there are two underlying concepts; the concept of partiality and that of universality, and our Muslim brothers and sisters fall under the universality category which espouses the belief that there is Allah and must be worshipped and obeyed.

This sacred space in Islam purport that it is the month in which Quran was sent down on Allah’s last messenger (P.B.U.H) as guidance for Mankind and Muslims to refrain from eating and drinking during this period 29 -30 days by keeping a fast. Therefore it is advised to honour the most spiritual month with more spirituality,humility in the form of  Quranic verses and Ahadith -the purpose herewith is to teach us self – restraint from evil,avoid moral decadence and to remain fortified and pure in Allah – a Ramadan observances on Quran Suras 2:185. And whoever commiserate with them in this season shall be favoured and honoured by Allah.

The above Quranic underpinnings make it imperative for characters who so wish,and hold general belief on the above principles to assist while in this sacred one – on- one with Allah – and humanitarian Ambassador, Hon. James Odziifo Essoun has lived up to expectation by sharing close to hundred (100) bags of rice,and about one hundred and twenty (120) cartons of cooking oil to our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Zongo* Communities within *Mfantseaman* Constituency. The Consistency Zongo *Caucus Coordinator,Mr .Labran Awudu, the Constituency Chairman Mr. Frederick Budu Hagan* and Executives as well as Zongo Committee members duly assisted in the sharing of the goodies through out this week.

Meanwhile, it is to be noted that, his opponent and incumbent Hon.Kow Quansah Hayford, aka 21% in Mfantseman was hooted at by the Edumadze, Mankessim Zongo Community when he later saw the need to copy what our James Odziifo Essoun had done.

The Mfantseman Communication Bureau note with dismay, however, how a whole sitting NPP Member of Parliament, Mr.Kow Quansah Hayford (aka 21%) always waits until the good *Odziifo Essoun* of NDC has initiated a positive move before he disgraces himself by way of copying wrongly and call on our Muslim brothers and sisters to remember him in prayers to stop lying and also to salvage his already soiled reputation while he hands over to our humanitarian and grassroot breed *Mr. James Odziifo Essoun* some few months away.

The campaign team of the parliamentary candidate, James Essoun thanked all the Philanthropists and supporters who assisted in making the humanitarian services to the Muslim Community in the Mfantsiman Constituency a success.

Hon. James Odziifo Essoun and Constituency executives wished everyone a happy Iddul Fitr, and prayed for Allah’s blessing and good health in this COVID -19 season.

Wear Nose Mask and Wash Your Hands Regularly.


Dr.Eric Stanley Acquah (K.K)

Com.Officer, Mfantseman Const.

Comrade John Bambir

Deputy Com.Officer,
Mfantseaman Const.