Mzbel Bemoans NDC

Mzbel 38, known in private life as Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah has taken to social media to bemoan her frustration with her apparent political family, the NDC. It is not known, if the former artist whose songs include,  “i be 16 years” is a known card bearing member of the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress.

Whiles, the party has wished her well, the party seems surprised of her action. Party members have expressed their concerns about her reasons to inform the party of her accident through social media.  


Below is the full statement of Mzbel.

“For the love of my political party NDC, I offended a lot of people, jeopardised my career and was verbally abused, but that didn’t deter me to keep fighting for what I believed in.

It’s sad that I’m temporarily stuck in bed now due to a minor accident and not even a phone call or text message from any of the people I genuinely supported, to wish me well… And the amazing fact is that Honourable Tina Mensah, mother for my constituency, the woman I strongly campaigned against rather visited me yesterday when she heard about the accident.

I am learning my lessons and I would also want to appreciate madam Tina Mensah, MP for the love and care, even though we were on different sides, God bless you… You are just too real. Teary Eyes!

If I had died, the story would have been different with big speeches and donations… Oh my people”


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