Mahama’s 40-Year Devt Plan “Nonsense” – Tony Aidoo

Dr. Tony Aidoo has described the 40-year development plan which was developed under former President John Mahama as ‘nonsense”.

According to him, the plan had no data backing it.

“Ghana needs a data bank and a record keeping system. We need records for not just births and deaths, elections, monitoring & evaluations. We need data for future planning. The 40 year plan under Mahama is nonsense. You cannot plan without data.

“A plan is one that is monetized and quantified. Without these two indicators, you cannot say you are planning, ” the former head of monitoring and Evaluation under the erstwhile Mahama presidency noted on Morning Starr Tuesday.

The long-term development plan developed under the NDC government aimed at a long range development of the economy through the deliberate application of psychological and socio-economic system of choices among feasible courses of investment and other development actions ranging from 15-100 years.

He stressed the nation requires credible database for its development.

“The priority in Monitoring & Evaluation is to track government project and how it comes in sync with the government policy”.

Commenting on the Free SHS program by the Akufo-Addo government, the former Ghana ambassador to Netherlands said the policy will widen the gap between the rich and the poor in Ghana.

“I thought the Free SHS should be for the benefit of those who could not afford to send their children to school, so that the playing field gradually levels.  What the current arrangement will do is to widen the gap between the rich and the poor in the country”.


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