Artisan petitions Chief of Staff after he was allegedly brutally assaulted by Dep. Defence Minister

The Chief of Staff has been petitioned by a man who claims to have been assaulted by the Deputy Minister of Defence, Major (Rtd) Derek Oduro.

“Hon Derrick Oduro on Saturday, 10th November 2018 at about 9:00 am came to my workplace with three army officers and without any provocation, gave me a heavy slap. One of the three army officers also gave me three heavy slaps,” he stated in the petition.

Recounting what led to the alleged assault, Mr. Ofosu Appiah, a native of Asante Mampong and an aluminium fabricator, said he was contracted by the deputy Minister to make some sliding windows.

They settled on GHc 500, according to the petition, and GHc 200 was paid initially after he placed the windows in a room as directed by Major Oduro.

A year later, he was called by the Deputy Minister to come and fix the windows.

But he realized some of the windows were broken after being moved from the room he had been asked to keep them in.

There was a new caretaker at the building who said he had no knowledge of what happened to the windows.

“Surprisingly, Hon. Derek Oduro maintained that he does not care about the broken windows and that his only interest is to get the windows fixed, irrespective of how it got broken,” Mr. Ofosu Appiah recalled.

In the petition, he said he went ahead to fix the unbroken ones, but that was followed by the unprovoked assault on November 10.

He has thus petitioned the Chief of Staff  to “seek justice for the assault”.

It is however unclear whether the complainant has already reported the matter to the police.



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