I don’t live fake life to impress people _Fella Makafui

Ghanaian actress, Fella Makafui has said she is living a real-life and not a pretentious lifestyle as other celebrities are known for on social media.

Speaking with ZionFelix, the young actress dispelled rumours suggesting she signed a five hundred Ghana cedis [Ghc 500.00] deal with CastleGate Estate Ghana Limited because she was broke.

Many people believe that the lives of some social media users can make a person feel they have not achieved anything in life and question their very existence.

According to her, the information being circulated about her deal with the Estate company is untrue and should be disregarded.

Makafui indicated that signing a Ghc 500.00 deal with a big Estate Company does not add up for an entrepreneur doing so well in real life and not attempting to impress on social media.

“How much do I pay my workers? Even with the kind of car I drive, the fuel I buy costs more than that Ghc 500.00.

“The deal with CastleGate Estate is about a year now. Who will sign a deal with a real estate company and take Ghc 500.00? It doesn’t add up for someone doing so well in real life, not social media. In a day I make sales more than that Ghc 500.00.” Fella Makafui disclosed

Fella Makafui who was unforthcoming with regards to the amount involved in the deal with CastleGate Estate, she said the details of the contract is confidential.

“The CastleGate Estate deal is confidential and they make me comfortable. If the deal was bad, I wouldn’t have signed. I agreed to work with CastleGate Estate because their package was good.” She added