How LED lights have helped Voltic Ghana to reduce electricity cost by 58 per cent

Voltic Ghana says it has naturally been able to reduce electricity cost by about 58 per cent following a decision to switch to Philips LED lights.

On the factory floor of Voltic Ghana, the company says every detail matters from naturally sourcing the water, filtration and filling of bottles, which requires good illumination or lighting.

The company, therefore, needed light sources, which offers great illumination, energy-efficient, longer lifetime and environmentally friendly and therefore switched to Philips LED Lighting.

Less electricity

In a statement, the company said it needed a lighting solution, which consumes less electricity, brighter, upgradeable when technology changes and longer-lasting.

The lighting installations it already had was the older technologies; tubes, high pressure sodium bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs developed over half a century ago which are energy inefficient leads to higher electricity bills, shorter lifetime and higher maintenance cost.

It said the machine areas had higher ceiling, which required special kind of lighting engineering to create a well-lit environment for the factory staff.


The company explains that after switching to Philips lighting, it has literally made the factory floor new with advanced LED lighting.

It says fluorescent tubes have been replaced with Philips all-weather LED battens, and that the high ceiling factory floors, which had 400W High-Pressure Sodium Lamps have also been replaced with the high energy-efficient and robust Philips Highbays.

This, has led to a refreshed perimeter with Philips Tango floodlights with adjoining communities seeing an uplifted illumination with Philips LED street lights.


All these, is what Voltic Ghana says has helped to reduce its electricity wastage by 58 per cent and translated to significant savings on electricity cost.

The company says the savings means that the investment is paying itself off within one and half years since Philips LED lights have longer lifetime, resulting in zero maintenance cost.

It says it workers are now working in an environment well lit and creating the right ambience for higher productivity, safety and general well being. Besides that the community and motorists on streets now walk and drive in a safe environment.

Daily Graphic