I’m still single_Vicky Zugah

Barely a year after hinting on the Delay Show that she was seeing someone following her failed relationship with Big Brother Africa contestant Bolt, actress Vicky Zugah says she is still single.

In an interview with Showbiz recently, Vicky revealed that although she and a guy had been chatting and she had thought it could go somewhere, that did not happen.

“Currently, I am single and doing well. Yes, I was talking to someone but it did not work out as I thought it would, so I just had to move on,” she said.

When asked what caused the break up she said, “he asked for nude pictures so I had to block him everywhere. I mean, yes we have been talking but had not met before so why should you ask for nude pictures when I have not seen you before?

“That was the low point for me, some of us are decent and do not do our things like that,” she said.

For some time now, Vicky has in videos on Facebook and Instagram been hitting men hard with regards to their treatment of women.

And some comments under her posts have suggested that she has become a bitter person but she says that is not the case at all.

“I am not bitter, I will never be and I have never been. I just speak about things people are scared to say. These are part of conversations ladies have in private yet are scared to talk about publicly, I’m not bitter at all,” she said.

Away from movies, Vicky who is now dealing in cosmetics told Showbiz that business has been very good.

“Business has been great and it’s getting better. The business is doing well, you can’t depend on the industry alone to survive so we are trying to do other things as well.”

Vicky Zugah has movies like Girls Connection, Agatha, Who Knows Tomorrow and Pretty Queen to her credit.

Source: Graphic.com.