Ghana ambassador to Kosovo presents credentials, refuting Serbia on derecognition

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, has received today the credential letters of the non-resident Gahan Ambassador covering Kosovo, Salma Frances Mancell. The visit of Ghana Ambassador is very important refuting Serbian officials’ claims that this African country is considering withdrawing of recognition for Kosovo.

Kosovo President Thaci receiving the letters of credence from Ambassador said: “I have the pleasure to accept your credentials and congratulate you on your tenure as the Ambassador of the republic of Ghana to Kosovo.” Thaci also expressed thanked Ghana for its recognition and support to Kosovo. “We are a young state, but with great ambitions for good relations with all countries working towards peace and freedom of all nations around the world” Thaci said, according to a press release issued by his press service.

Ambassador Mancell said that she is happy to take the new position as the Ambassador to Kosovo and that she will be able to contribute to building of bilateral relations between our two countries. “Ghana has been a inspiration for the freedom of the people of Africa. Today, it is a country with great potential for economic development. We would like to help each other and cooperate” said Ambassador Marcell. Media in Belgrade citing senior state officials of Serbia have reported recently that Ghana is among the countries which are reconsidering Kosovo’s recognition.


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