Moesha Boduong Seen At GIJ Campus


Final year students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism on Sunday, 13th May 2018, experienced Moesha Baabinoti Boduong while writing ‘Gender and Development’ a course, studied by journalism final year students.

The journalism students as part of testing their knowledge acquired from the course studied, were asked to analyse the interview granted to Moesha by the Delay Show as well as Christiane Amanpour’s interview with her, with their understanding of ‘multiple realities’ of persons.

Moesha Boduong is said to be an actress who is best known for her controversial semi-nude and sexy pictures, complimented by her heavy curvy body on her instagram posts. She has gained millions of followers as a result of her posts and has mostly been in the news for the wrong reason.

The Delay show is one which seeks to dig deeper into the lives of people and push them hard to reveal the hidden. Over a year ago, guest on the show Moesha Boduong revealed to the audience on how she lost her mum at a tender age and how she deals with men as her needs kept rising.

The question was framed as, “Use your knowledge of ‘multiple realities’ to analyse the interviews granted on Delay Show and to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour by Moesha Boduong”

Speaking in the interview she expressed her love for her body and assured her herself to flaunt it always as she is still young. She sees nothing wrong with showing some vital parts of her body as she boldly exclaimed it was an art piece.

She was again trending few weeks ago for generalization issues to cover Ghanaian women. Moesha received several fight backs and backlash from Ghanaian women as she said in an international interview (CNN) with the said controversial journalist Amanpour, saying Ghana’s economy is such that, women would have to date married rich men to be able to pay their rent and cater for themselves.

It is believed that the sensitivity and necessity of this issue attracted its inclusion for analyses in this year’s Gender and Development examination to help give answers to factors that counts for Moesha’s behaviour and lifestyle in general.

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