Video: Lil Win and Shugatiti in new hot Kumawood Movie R18

By: Grace Afua Somuah-Annan –

Kumawood is back on the scene with a bang! The new movie titled ‘Fraud Game’ featuring Lil Wayne and Shugatti has tongues wagging and eyes popping.

Before we give you a sneak peek into the exclusive video in our procession, lets wheat your appetite a bit. Everyone knows Lil-Wayne to be some sort of comedian in movies, up until this time where he plays the boss. This gives an indication that this movie is no child’s play at all.

The involvement of Shugatti, the freelance nudist model and actress, has libidos in overdrive with extremely pornographic scenes. Just as she always does, nothing is left to the imagination. Unless of course, your imagination decides to spin into wild fantasies.

Enough of the talk before I wear you out with boredom, watch the excerpt from the video below. Caution, keep the children at bay whilst watching.


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