DOCTORS SELL DRUGS ILLIGALLY – Ghana Medical Association.

Story by Rejoice Dogber

The Ghana Medical Association have cautioned patients to refuse drugs sold to them in consulting rooms by Doctors as well as heads of Medical Institutions to increase supervision in other to expose and prevent Doctors from trading in consulting rooms.
Hospitals have for a long time now been the most vital places to seek for health care. With the aid of Doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and or health workers in general, patients are cared for on arrival.
A Doctor as coined from a Latin word “docere” which means to teach or a medical doctor, is one who has gained professional training from a medical school and is advanced in diagnosing patients via questions or oral test and physical examination and finding solutions to these problems identified among others. Doctors, seen as the” brain” are usually seen in hospitals, clinics, sick bays, and other health related places and are mostly assisted by nurses who are seen as “hands” in working.
These Doctors vary from, Audiologist (ear specialist), Allergist (allergy specialist), Cardiologist (heart specialist), Dentist (teeth and gum expects), Dermatologist (skin specialists), Gynecologist (female reproductive system expects), Neurologist (brain expects) just to mention a few. These Doctors are more knowledgeable, more experienced and more authoritative than nurses hence, have responsibilities such as diagnosing (studying patients), prescribing (finding solutions) and not selling drugs to patients in consulting rooms.
The National Executive Committee of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) in February 2015, revealed to the masses in a statement signed by Dr. Serebour Frank, General Secretary of the association some, according to them, unhealthy practices un-going in various hospitals. According to GMA, they have been reliably informed that some medical doctors have become business oriented and exploiting patients by selling and or promoting drugs in consulting rooms. Some of these drugs which include CELLGIVITY among others are sold as a case of conflict of interest since its aim is basically profit making.
The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) therefore advise that, this practice is unhealthy and should not be encouraged by heads of health institutions, health workers, patients among others.
The GMA again recommends all health institutions to be vigilant and strengthen supervision to ensure the right thing is done and to health workers who engage in this act to desist from it or face the wrath of the law and will not be shielded by the Ghana Medical Association.
From the view of GHANA MATTERS. COM we ask, are measures put in place to continue this public education or ignored afterwards, are patients fully aware of this and have they complained so far, has any doctor been punished yet for this act, are doctors still involved this act? Few questions that may interest the general public as we continue the education of NOT buying drugs from doctors in consulting rooms or directly from doctors when at the hospital.

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  1. Where are the lawyers, this one of duty of care and professionalism.
    Ooooo Mama Africa, what add t went wrong!

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