Breaking: Gunshots fired at Dodowa Hospital as Land-guards clash; patients left traumatized

There was a bloody clash at the Dodowa District Hospital in the Greater Accra Region on Wednesday afternoon after a gunfight ensued between land guards and landowners leading to several injuries.

This was after some victims of a brawl were taken to the hospital for treatment.  The victims had sustained machete wounds after a fierce clash between two factions.

While authorities of the hospital were busily providing treatment to the wounded, the irate groups then stormed the facility to continue with their scuffle.

Medical Superintendent of the Dodowa District Hospital, Dr. Ken Brightson, who confirmed the incident on the Citi Breakfast Show said the scene became more chaotic when he insisted on giving medical care to some victims in a vehicle who were being taken to the police station to write a statement.

This was because the only police officer who was in the vehicle with the other victims had called for reinforcement, and the presence of the team led to a fight and subsequent gunshots.

‘I stopped a car moving some of the victims away to save the lives of the victims because I have a responsibility of keeping them alive before police report.  A policewoman was accompanying them to the police station so they go and write their statement. So she had to call for reinforcement. As soon as the team arrived on our premises, it became chaotic. They started fighting. Some of the wounded victims also engaged in the fight.”


According to Dr. Brighton, patients on recovery have been left traumatized after the repeated gunshots left the hospital in chaos.

“In trying to separate the fight, there was a first gunshot and everybody at the hospital including the patients began running helter- skelter. The incident happened behind the recovery ward, and so patients who had undergone surgeries and were resting were left worried. When there was a second gunshot, there was complete confusion.”


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