2020: NDC will lose with 46.9% votes – Popular Prophet predicts

Former President John Dramani Mahama will fail to become President again in 2020 as he is bound to lose to incumbent President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Prophet Paul Kusi Appiah of Nyame Tease Ampa Prayer Centre has revealed.

The popular Kumasi-based Prophet disclosed that Mahama will appreciate in votes from his initial 44.4% to 46.9% but will still not win as hoped by members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Reacting to Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s prophecy that Mahama who is the flagbearer of the NDC will win the 2020 elections hands down he said “ I do not usually engage myself in politics but, I have followed Prophet Nigel for some time and I wonder which God gives him those vision of an NDC victory in 2020”

He warned the NDC that if it falls for the fake prophecies of Prophet Nigel, then it will have the shock in 2020 as there is no such manifestation in the spiritual realm

“I need to correct some false predictions he has been making, thus given some members of the NDC false hopes. All that he says, I can say on authority, have no spiritual backing and I warn the members of the NDC not to fall for his false prophesies.

I want everyone to note it clearly, in the 2020 election, God has revealed to me that “the NDC will make 46.9% and this can’t give them power. They will have a marginal increase in their votes percentage in the next election, but, the total votes they will record would not be significantly different from the votes they had in 2016”

He added “for the NPP, it will have a one-touch victory with a vote percentage of 51.3%. A lot of factors contributed to the NPP’s percentage reduction in votes. But, God has given the NPP a lot of years to rule Ghana even after 2020. All they need to do is trust only in God, the one who chose them.

Sadly for the NDC, their party will break apart after the 2020 elections and that will keep them in opposition for a longer time. I see the NDC turning into a party like the CPP in the next few years. The NDC needs a lot of prayers else it is doom.

I want to state it emphatically as a man of God that the Ex-President will not become president of Ghana again. He will bow out after his defeat in 2020 and that will be the end of the NDC since it will have a lot of divided fronts.

I also ask the advisor of Mr Mahama to urge him to be considerate with how much of his resources he commits to the 2020 elections because it will be in vain.

All I can ask the good people in the NDC is to pray for their party than depend on those false claims by the so-called prophets they rent to project their party hopelessly.

For the NPP, I urge you to draw closer to God, so He increases your grace to rule the country as He the Lord wants. He will keep choosing for you good leaders who he can use to bless His country. God bless us all.

Source: mynewsgh.com