NDC Massachussettes dispatches delegates to help with limited regstration exercise

By: Richmond Nettey

The NDC Massachusetts branch in collaboration with NDC –USA Chapter has dispatched fifteen of their comrades back home during the limited registration exercise to compliment the efforts of their colleagues at the grassroots in their respective constituencies.

This initiative is part of series of programs and activities drawn up by the various NDC Branches in North America to ensure a resounding one-touch victory for His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC party in Ghana’s election 2016. According to authoritative sources at the NDC-Massachusetts secretariat in Worcester and the NDC –45246574.295USA national secretariat in Washington DC, the objective of the trip is to among other things, provide opportunities for the delegates who are all qualified Ghanaian citizens as per the constitution of Ghana, to register in their respective constituencies across Ghana and also help mobilize NDC members and sympathizers at the grassroots who are eligible, to register so that they will be able to vote come November 7, 2016. It is also the intention of the diaspora NDC party delegates to help solidify the enviable democratic credentials of the NDC party in particular, and Ghana as a whole for being the trailblazer and beacon of peaceful, free, and fair democratic elections since the inception of the forth republican dispensation. The trip is also a signal to all and sundry that the NDC-USA Chapter and all its affiliate branches are poised to actively participate in the collective sacred responsibility of all peace loving Ghanaians to play their roles as citizens in our efforts to change Ghana and transom the lives of its citizens for the best in every imaginable standard. In a related development, delegates from NDC-New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, California, Texas, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey, Orlando, Florida, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio are all at the grassroots.

The NDC -USA therefore wishes to use this opportunity to commend the leadership of the party in Ghana as well as the rank and file for exercising maximum restraint even in the face of extreme provocations by “YAANOM” during the exercise so far. It is our strongest believe that elections are won at the grassroots therefore we urge all our NDC comrades to be extremely vigilant and well vexed in the intricacies of electoral rules and regulations at the various polling stations. We in the NDC- USA are highly optimistic that after all said and done, and with the massive generational infrastructural developments being undertaken across the length and breadth of our country, coupled with the exceptional leadership qualities of focus, tenacity of purpose and sobriety, the good people of Ghana will indisputably vote massively to retain President John Dramani Mahama and the NDC in power for four more years to continue with the developmental agenda intended to transform our dear country Ghana and thereby change the lives of our people for the better.

On this note, the NDC-MASS would like to wish all Ghanaians a peaceful and transparent election year.

Long Live NDC-Massachusetts
Long Live the Great AKATAMANSO family of NDC
Long Live Ghana.
Respectfully Submitted,
Richmond Nettey
Secretary NDC-Massachusetts.

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