Woman uses shoe hanger to store her sex toys and people are stunned by how many she owns

Some people keep their sex toys hidden away at the bottom of their sock drawer and others proudly show their collection off.

One woman with an impressive collection of vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs likes to store all of hers in a shoe hanger. The woman stunned many Facebook users by posting her storage hack on tip-sharing page DIY on a Budget Official.

She showed off how she keeps her sex toys in a Primark hanging shoe rack that has 24 compartments.

She wrote on the group: ‘I bought this today from Primark to store my toys. Not to everyone’s taste, but I love it.’ Facebook users were impressed by the extensive collection, saying they were jealous of her range. Some wrote ‘genius’, ‘brilliant’, and one person said she was a ‘hero’.

Impressive collection (Picture: Facebook)

Some people were taken back by the woman’s honesty on the page where people usually share bargains, DIY tips, and life hacks. Others said they were envious.

One person wrote: ‘Wish I had your toys!’ while another wrote: ‘All I could think was lucky cow’.

A third commented: ‘Best storage I’ve seen on here’. How to clean your sex toys Silicone, glass, or pyrex toys should be washed with soap and water.

Glass can’t be put in the dishwasher, but silicone and pyrex can. Steel toys need to be boiled for 10 minutes to kill bacteria, then washed.

Plastic and rubber toys can’t deal with high temperatures, so hand-wash them with a cloth and soap. Make sure you don’t submerge any toys that are battery-operated, and always dry them off before storing.

While the woman’s storage idea has gone down well on the Facebook page, you might be wondering where the best place to store sex toys actually is – because no, it’s not on your door.

Your best bet is a clean, tidy drawer or box so dust particles and fluff won’t be flying in and settling on the toys.

Stu Nugent, a sex toy expert at LELO told Metro.co.uk: ‘There are plenty of sex toy storage devices out there, like dust-protective satin pouches, as well as travel locks so they don’t switch on when you’re going through customs.

‘I’ve even seen one that will direct UV light at your products while they’re not in use to neutralise bacteria. ‘The accumulation of dust and fluff is inevitable over time when they’re stored away, so it’s essential to clean them before and after use. Use a cleaning spray because it’s body safe and won’t harm the silicone we use in our products. ‘The very least you can do is use soapy hot water, or certain baby wipes.’ Enjoy responsibly.