Zylofon has many ‘enemies’ – Kumi Guitar

The emergence of Zylofon Music on the entertainment scene was seen by many an answer to calls for investment in the sector but according to Highlife artiste, Kumi Guitar, the outfit was hated by the same industry players it had come to help.

Zylofon had music, movie and fashion arms and exploded on the scene, signing artistes Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Becca, Kumi Guitar, Obibini and Joyce Blessing, actors such as Bibi Bright, Benedicta Gafah, James Gardiner, Toosweet Annan and even fashion designer Sima Brew.

However, there was scepticism about whether it would be able to recoup the huge investments it had made in signing these celebrities and giving them incentives like 4X4 cars and apartments.

And in a recent interview with Showbiz, Kumi Guitar said he had been saddened by some of the comments from people in the industry which made it clear they wished for the company to collapse.

“I don’t know how to describe it but I think there’s so much hypocrisy and hatred in this industry. If that were not the case, I don’t understand how an industry with so many problems will rejoice at the challenges of a record label that had been committed to building it.

“Personally, I couldn’t come to terms with the hate comments I heard. Right from the start, people said Zylofon Music was going to fail and even gave reasons why they held such a strong view.

“During those times, I wondered why people will fight with everything they had just to see Zylofon fail but I realised it was just envy and unwarranted hatred. Zylofon attracted enemies just because we were the shining star in the industry,” he said.

Kumi Guitar cautioned “fair weather” friends of Zylofon against their hypocritical stance in the company’s current crisis.

“I wouldn’t want to mention names but I always tell people to search their conscience and let it guide them in their decisions,” he stated.

Source: graphic showbiz