We’re looking for artists to draw Ahmed Suale killers – Police

The Ghana Police says it is looking for cartographers to use information so far gathered by investigators to sketch the alleged killers of undercover journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

According to the Police, they have received descriptions of the persons who on January 16, shot and killed the Ahmed near his family home at Madina in Accra, and would require experts to give artistic impression to the faces described by witnesses.

“A lot of people have described them [the killers] and we are also trying to get cartographers who can give us artistic impression about who they are, to help in identifying them. So far that is where we are,” ACP David Senanu Eklu told journalists Thursday.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale who was a key member of Anas’ private investigations team, Tiger Eye PI, was shot dead at Madina last Wednesday night. He was shot three times; twice in the chest and once in the neck.

“We are working day and night, gathering and analysing bits and pieces of information to help us get to the perpetrators,” he said.

He revealed six persons arrested by the Police in connection with the case have been given bail but declined to give further details on when and where the suspects were arrested and the nature of the bail as well as the conditions.

“…A lot of people have given information but that information would have to be checked, crosschecked, checked carefully so that we don’t give you the false hope.

“Sometimes, you arrest the person and everybody is jubilating. It gets to court and the evidence does not meet the standard that is required in law,” – ACP David Senanu Eklu.