Crime: Man kills wife’s lover after he caught them having sex in a public toilet

A 33-year-old electrician only identified as Rappaerholic has been murdered by a rival after he was caught having sex with a married woman in a public toilet, reports.

The ACP Police has since arrested one Mr Akorli Amen, 42, of Franco Estates for allegedly killing the 33-year old man for allegedly having sex his (Akorli’s) wife in a latrine.

Reports indicates that on Monday, 27th January, 2020, at about 3:00pm, Mr Akorli Amen in the company of another man reported to them that he(Akorli) had caught Rapperholic in flagrante with his wife in a latrine close to his(Akorli) house in Franco Estates at about 1:00pm.

He continued that his wife immediately fled the scene but as Rapperholic tried to escape, he kicked him down, whereupon he hit his head against a hard object and died instantly.

The ACP Police said they promptly arrested Mr Akorli and proceeded to the location of the crime scene at Franco Estates. There they found the deceased lying in front of the latrine with clots of blood in his nose and mouth.

Evidence from the scene suggests that the deceased may have been killed inside the latrine and dragged outside.

The police added that the body has been deposited at the police hospital while Mr Akorli has remained in police custody assisting with investigations.