We must develop more urban parks – Architect

Mr Raphael Ogoe, a Ghanaian architect based in New York on Monday said Ghana must be concerned with the inadequate urban parks and green spaces in the architectural structure of the cities across the country.

“We have to start planning our city settlements to have parks and green spaces,” he said.

Mr Ogoe said the country could benefit immensely from the creation of such parks and spaces in the cities.

Speaking at a media interaction in Accra, Mr Ogoe said advanced countries such as the United States of America, Japan, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom were all investing in urban parks and green spaces to beautify their major cities.

He said apart from those facilities serving as sources of recreation and enjoyment for the country, it would as well improve the economy in many ways including; employment creation the parks could also improve tourism in the country, adding that, Ghana was losing a lot of money with the absence of the parks and green spaces.

“From all indications, it going to bring substantial amount of money because it’s not just financial but also for the benefit of the society. We can start by developing our old gardens,” he noted.

He called on government to consider the importance of getting more of such facilities across the major cities.

Mr Ogoe noted that, establishing more of such facilities could come at no cost to the government as many investors were willing to collaborate with the government in that regard.