It is illegal for citizens to sit idle for their elected officials to borrow and spend without any measure, Ghanaians told.

Fix the country demo to go global

Ghanaians feel the thirtieth  anniversary of the fourth republican dispensation has little to be celebrated off. Most citizens say corruption has increased astronomical and there seem to be no clear plan to restore sanity in the public space as far as corruption and profligacy of state resources are concerned.

Ghana decided to end military rule led by late president, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings for what they thought would be the beacon of hope and aspiration for the many. Since embracing multiple party election in the 1992, the state of affairs continue to depict the culture of no change, where the gap between the haves and have not keep widening.

A survey conducted by, suggests that that youths in particular are of the view that, a change to military rule could be be better option. But the Ghanaian have not trust in the current posture of the military.

About seventy six percent of the population of 2000 respondents polled feel the government is the architect of corruption. Some actually believe, President Akuffo Addo is the worst culprit as he has consistently failed to take action on corruption cases.

Most of the youth have no sustainable jobs but they are determined to survive by any means. Meanwhile, the government won’t allow them to demonstrate. This phenomenon is clearly a dangerous one for a fragile democracy such as Ghana’s.

The promise of democracy is awash with stealing by those who we elected to help restore hope in our dear country, some of they youth have said.

The current administration led by president Akuffo Addo have expanded Ghana’s debt stock with little to show. Many are of the believe that, they president must be stopped from contracting further loans without showing clearly how he intends to make life better for the poor.

The resilience of the black star nation is being tested by the day. Will Ghanaians do what they do best by callling for the head of Akuffo Addo?

Asked whether the Parliamentary democracy is good? They responded as saying it could be better if the government appointed persons outside parliament to be ministers. This suggests a review of Ghana’s constitution. Since most MPs get to be appointed minister the culture of cronyism is rife in the governance of the country.

People also believe their right to recall members of parliament before their terms ends should be a consideration for any constitutional amendment.