We can’t blame Ghana’s setbacks on anyone but itself — CPP

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has said Ghana can no longer blame its setbacks on anyone else but itself.

“Today, we are responsible for the actions and inactions to our cause,” it stated in a message to commemorate Ghana’s 62nd Independence anniversary which falls today.

The message by the party’s leader and National Chairman, Prof. Edmund Delle, noted that poverty, illiteracy, disease, joblessness, homelessness were still with us.

He said there were and still were acts of treachery from among our own, while we endured imprisonments, abuses , brutalities, loss of property and life.

He, however, said while we were still grappling with these challenges the narrative could not be the same saying, “ No more can we blame our setbacks on anyone else but ourselves.”

He said it was time to shun the elements that might threaten our peace such as intolerance, greed, abuse of power and disrespecting the views of others.

He said the unitary form of government and maintenance of political pluralism had allowed for the expression of all manner of views, including unethical and reprehensible ones.

As Ghana turns 62 years today from the year of her birth in 1957, Prof. Delle said the CPP remembered the struggles of the leadership and membership of the CPP and the nation had to endure to achieve independence for Ghana.

He said the CPP was the first to break the yoke of Britain’s imperial control and hardly had any example to follow and yet  triumphed with determination.

He said the CPP wished every Ghanaian a hearty and reflective celebration saying, “the battles fought were never easy, and the battles we have waged since then have not been easy.”

“We pray that Ghana identifies and sticks to her mandate as the hope of Africa. May we find inspiration in the deeds of our forebears for ours. May we learn from the mistakes of our forebears to avert ours. May we learn to live lives that would inspire generations following us,” the message concluded.

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