UBS ‘rogue trader’ moved to Heathrow removal centre

Kweku Adoboli, the former UBS banker jailed for the UK’s biggest ever fraud, was on Wednesday transported to a immigration removal centre near Heathrow airport as the government pushes ahead with his deportation despite appeals from 114 MPs and MSPs.

Adoboli, 38, who was found guilty in 2012 of fraud that lost his Swiss bank $2.3bn (£1.8bn), is being deportation to Ghana because he is not a British citizen despite living in the UK since the age of 12.

He was released from prison on probation in 2015 after serving half of a seven-year sentence. Last week he was detained at Dungavel immigration removal centre in Scotland. On Wednesday he was transported to Colnbrook immigration removal centre, close to Heathrow.

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