Two vessels seized in Ghana’s waters over illegal fuel transfer

A combined team of officers at the Naval Base and National Security arrested two vessels in Ghana’s waters allegedly engaged in fuel smuggling activities.

The arrest was made Friday. One of the vessels, believed to registered in Nigeria, has 11 crew and is Captained by Joshua Ogun.

Chief Staff officer Naval Base, Commodore Issa Yakubu, told reporters the ships were engaged in suspected illegal activities in Ghana’s waters.

According to him, the ‘two ships were transferring fuel. We call it ship to ship transfer. Before these activities take place certain protocols must be followed. We suspect the protocols were not followed.’

In excess of 320 metric tons of fuel was found to have been transferred. Samples of the product have been taken for tests to ascertain its quality.

The arrest is a collaborative effort of the National Petroleum Authority, the Navy and National Security.

Commodore Issa Yakubu, said investigations will continue to ascertain what the vessels were doing in the country.

Meanwhile, Acting head of NPA, Hassan Tampuli said the two vessels did not have the requisite documents covering their activities in Ghana.

He said the quality of the fuel being transferred was suspect as well.

He said the NPA is not relenting in its quest to crush the oil cartel engaged in illegal activities in the country.


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