There are bombs planted all over Ghana – Vicky Zugah shares a doom prophecy

Vicky Zugah has called on Pastors, Mallams and all other spiritual leaders to pray for Ghana’s peace because she has foreseen a deadly attack in the country.

According to the actress, she had a dream that bombs have been planted all over the country to be detonated, to cause a bloody war. In a video shared on her Instagram page, the actress said her dreams often come true, therefore, her message should be taken seriously.

The mother of two, explained that the attack was out of the rage people in the country have been harbouring . “People are angry in this country, people’s heart are heavy, people are ready to do anything with the last blood in them,” she said.

Though this a doom prophecy, the actress says she believes it can be averted if all Ghanaians come together to pray against it.

Hear more from Vicky Zugah in the video below.