“The president needs to reboot”…Ghana to become federal state soon! – Sam Pee Yaley

The Akufo-Addo led government has laid before Parliament two Public Holidays Amendment Act.

The amendment, which was laid before the House on Thursday, if accepted, will see August 4 and January 7 made statutory public holidays to mark Founders’ Day and Constitution Day respectively.

It is, however, proposing to scrap the AU holiday on May 25 as well as the Republic holiday on July 1. It will only be observed as commemorative days.

This also means the already existing Founder’s Day holiday which is observed on September 21 will now be observed only as a Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day and would be a public holiday.

But speaking to the issue during a panel discussion on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji, Sam Pee Yaley, a lawyer and a former government official who suspects the majority in Parliament will approve the amendment no matter what, says any Member of Parliament (MP) who supports the amendment, will lose his or her seat in 2020.

Any MP who sits down in Parliament to vote to change our history will lose in the next election; mark my words…because without history, there is no country. Every country has its own history, other countries don’t disintegrate their history like we are doing…If you want to change public holidays including the ones established long before you became president, there are some holidays you shouldn’t touch; one is the Founder’s Day.”

Sam Pee Yaley further stated that the way the NPP is handling the affairs of this country, if they “should stay in government for the next eight years, there will be a proposal for Ghana to turn into a federal state…because the agenda has been on for a very long time”.

“The president needs to reboot and have his focus. What will this add to us apart from disintegration…everything he does is aimed at dividing us instead of uniting us,” he added.



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