“Strangers” invade Ghana security services…Kwesi Pratt reveals

In the wake of the growing scare of insecurity in the country with its concomitant kidnapping with the latest being the abduction of some Canadian Nationals, managing editor of the Insight Newspaper Kwesi Pratt Jnr has said current happenings in the security services has led to tension in the Service.

Speaking on award winning Alhaji and Alhaji political talkshow on Pan Africa Television monitored by Ghanamatters.com, Mr. Pratt said the security agencies themselves are complaining of the needless interference in the police service.
Hear him “there’s tension in the security Services. They are saying that you are bringing strangers , you are bringing people who normally will not qualify to work in the police service. What has happened to professionalism? He questioned.”

According to him m, something needs to be done very quickly to reverse the trend.

He pointed out that with the qualifications and knowledge of the Inspector General of police David Asante-Bediatuo in crime scene investigation, he is didsapointed of his performance. “When we have an IGP with impressive CV on paper you couldn’t have a better IGP than this one. He is a crime scene investigator top class and there is no prestigious investigative school he has not been to….waabin s333 bankye and yet look at the situation, now everybody is scared. Nowhere safe, if I lie tell me,” Mr. Pratt stated.

Source Ghanamatters.com