Proposal to appoint communication officers was ill-timed – Segbefia

A member of the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) 2018 delegates’ conference planning committee, Alex Segbefia, has said that the proposed amendment for appointment of communication officers and treasurers is a good idea that was ill-timed and badly presented.

Mr. Segbefia said the poor execution resulted in the unanimous rejection of the amendment by the party’s delegates.

National delegates unanimously protested against the amendment which was proposed at the party’s 9th delegates’ conference at the Fantasy Dome at the Trade Fair Center in Accra over the weekend, leading to it being dropped.

But Alex Segbefia, in an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show said the proposals could have been accepted but for the timing.

“You are asking people who have just been voted in through a rigorous campaign process at the constituency, branch and regional level to now agree that a position they have fought for be given for free to somebody by appointment,” he said.

“Timing for me in politics is crucial… They were never going to agree.. For me the timing was the issue. If it was allowed to simmer, then that should have been no case….They still hadn’t gone through the full rigorous process. Normally, when you want to do this thing, you go to the branch, tell them that this is what you are thinking about, let the debate take place, from the constituency regional and then to the national level by which time you would have a good flavour of what the ground is thinking,” he added.

Those who supported the amendment said appointments will allow for more competent persons who are professional communicators and treasurers to manage the party‘s communications and finances.

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