Scandals may affect my chances of marriage—Nayas

Last year, Kumawood actress Gladys Mensah Boako, popularly known as Nayas, gave people a lot to talk about as she was involved in one scandal or the other.

Nayas, who is also a producer, personified the saying ‘Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned’ when she disgraced her ex-lover, Gospel musician Ernest Opoku, in the media.

She accused him of impregnating and refusing to marry her, spending her money and basically deceiving her.

The kind of language she used and her vivid description of their sex life as well as her whipping him in the studios of Adom FM made for some cringe-worthy moments.

All these have created a not-so-good image for Nayas and she fears they will be a hindrance to her getting married.

In a heart-to-heart with Showbiz last Tuesday about her love life, the ‘Endwene Bone’ actress said she was not disrespectful and abusive as she had been portrayed in the media, but rather she was good marriage material.

“In today’s world, it is the wish of most men to have partners who are hardworking and can support them.

“I’m not a lazy young woman, I’m a very hardworking lady who doesn’t need a man’s money to survive. All that I want is to find an equally good man who will build a good home with me.

“But in my case, that is not so. It is as if these men just come into my life to milk me dry. They will just deceive and sweet talk me with marriage and I will give my all only for them to dump me.

“Everyone close to me knows how generous I am and I extend it to my relationships so I do everything within my means to make these men comfortable but they never appreciate it,” Nayas said.

Having had enough of the small boys spending her money as she put it, Nayas told Showbiz that her New Year resolution was to find an older man who would not love her for her money but support her to achieve her dreams.

In her view, older men were wiser and would make better partners.

“As I’m talking to you now, I have about six promisory rings in my room from suitors but here I am without a husband. This year, I won’t go on that path because I have already advised myself to settle for an older man above 45 years.

“However, I want to make it clear that I don’t need a married man and somebody in a serious relationship because I’m tired of the deceit. I’ve been praying to God to grant me this wish,” she stated.

However much she claims she wants to stay scandal free, she started off the year with an interview on the Delay Show where she once again made some controversial comments. But the 33-year-old said some of her actions were just for show business.

“I have stopped reading comments about me on social media because they are heartbreaking and can be very depressing. Those who know me get worried because they know I’m very different from what is portrayed out there.

“Even though it hurts sometimes, I don’t really mind because I’m into showbiz and that comes with it. You either take the heat or walk out,” Nayas added.

Graphic Showbiz

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