Revealed: Something must kill a man ! Lord Commey Caught Partying hard with Young Boys

There is some huhu-huhu that some senior govt appointees are ona!

Director of Operations at the Presidency, Lord Commey, has been caught on video partying hard with a group of young boys and dancing his heart out while receiving fans and cheers from onlookers.

Ordinarily, the video means nothing but for the fact that there is a strong but silent suspicion about Mr. Commey.

The said video has gone viral and become an internet sensation in addition to other photos which reveal half naked boys partying at one of his residences.

It is not yet confirmed his exact relationship with the young boys although they are seen with him often and mostly at night.

Reports say he has bought and refurbished a beach facility behind Jamestown and the place has become one of his regular meeting places with his boys.

Some of the boys are reported to have been spotted driving some of his cars in and around GAMASHI and the Jamestown neighborhood.

Lord Commey who is now gaining notoriety in organizing such parties, held a lavish one last Sunday January 12, 2019 where mostly the young boys he jelly with were in attendance.

This time round, the party was said to have been organized for a young boy by name Jah Knows.

The Former National Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) who bonds well with these boys has occasionally released his expensive vehicles to them to cruise in town and is seldom seen with them at joints.

In 2014, the politician and entrepreneur while out with his daughters wondered why he was being trailed by journalists asked“ Eiii can’t I have a little space with my kids? Or politicians are forbidden from eating out with their children?”

This became imperative when Lord asked realized the presence of paparazzis after leaving the Pizza counter and settling down to eat.

He declined answering why the girls’ mother was not part of the outing but one of the children answered “Mummy is working. She would close late.

Never before has Lord been seen in public with his daughters.

Something must indeed kill a man

Posted by on Friday, January 17, 2020