Prince Charles Talks Ghanaian Vs Nigerian Jollof Rice

His Royal Highness waded in on the jollof rice wars

Naomi Campbell and Prince Charles

PRINCE CHARLES and jollof rice are two things you wouldn’t place together in a sentence – but the Royal has spoken about the ongoing dispute over whose Jollof rice is best.

Speaking in Nigeria at the end of his West Africa tour, he said: “Having also visited The Gambia and Ghana over the past week, our visit to Nigeria may perhaps provide an invaluable opportunity to compare – if one ever dares do such a thing! – the relative merits of each country’s Jollof rice… however, for fear of sparking a diplomatic incident, I suspect I shall have to let you draw your own conclusions about which country’s Jollof we found to be the most delicious!”

The comments come as the Prince of Wales and Camilla’s eight-day tour of Africa, where he visited The Gambia, Ghana and now Nigeria comes to an end.

The Prince was last seen in Nigeria on Wednesday (Oct 7), where he met with supermodel Naomi Campbell at a reception at the Deputy High Commissioner’s residence in Lagos.

The prestigious function was attended by many of Nigeria’s fashion elite, and saw Campbell wish the Prince a happy birthday as he turns 70 next week.

“Firstly I would like to wish him a Happy Birthday. He looks amazing. He doesn’t look his age, his spirit is young. I told him that his spirit was young,” said Campbell.

“Coming here at this time is so fitting. Right now Africa is such an important continent that has been so overlooked on so many levels. And he coming here brings light to that and focus. It means a great deal.

“So that’s why I am so happy to be invited to come here tonight. To say thank you, because Africa is really about to explode in many directions and all for the good. He is such an example to me. His commitment to the Commonwealth, that’s amazing. I am very grateful.”


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