I didn’t know Ghanaians require visa for UK – Prince Charles

The visiting Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, is in shock after learning that Ghanaians need visas before visiting the United Kingdom.

Prince Charles says he never knew the travel policy that permitted Ghanaians to visit the UK without visas has been amended.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall also heard it for the first time after Ghanaian comedian Clemento Suarez drew her attention to the tough immigration policies imposed on Ghanaians by the UK that seek to extort funds from visa applicants.

Clemento Suarez releases ‘fellas’ to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall PHOTO by British High Commission

Surprised Camilla confirmed from her husband who equally expressed shock and said he never knew this is how far the relationship between Ghana and the UK has gotten to. He promised to address the issue when he returns home. “Then I don’t deserve this reception here”, the Prince added.

The cost of applying for a UK Visa in Ghana is equal to the cost of 20 bags of Dangote cement. What annoys Ghanaians is that, over 90% of visa applicants receive small visas, I mean refusal stamps.

Former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, says his office is currently working hard for Ghanaians to be able to travel to the UK even without passports and discounted fares.

credit: news7pm.com

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