Northerners consider Free SHS a Jihad – N/R NPP

The ruling New Patriotic Party in the Northern Region has pleaded with Former President Mahama, to desist from making further disparaging comments about the Free Senior High School, saying that, Northerners cherish the policy and will launch a “Jihad” against anyone seeking to destroy it.

The Former President Mahama during his recent tour of the region mocked the implantation of the policy and appeared to cast doubt on its sustainability, saying the policy would be reformed by the next NDC government.

In response, the Regional Director of the party, Mohamed Issah, at a press conference Monday, said Mr. Mahama should stop being greedy and allow his northern brothers to also enjoy free education like he had.

“Mr. Former president, we the people of the North would like to plead, that you desist from commenting in the manner you did recently on the Free Senior High School Policy is being implemented”, Issah read from a prepared speech, added that they all saw how the former president managed the education system under rule.

“We saw how you implemented your own ‘FSHS’ before the 2016 polls. We saw how GH38.00 was paid for each student who is mandated to pay sometimes up to GH1,000.00 per year. We saw how our children spent time at home while their counterparts in other parts of the country studied in classrooms. We saw how students from this part of the country were asked to go home because of unpaid feeding grants by your then incompetent government”, he said.

Adding, “we are not ready to get back to those days. We are told how you were moved from the Southern part back to the Northern part of the country, just to enjoy Free Education. Please allow us to enjoy the same privilege as you did. We consider the Free SHS policy as a “Jihad” to us as Northerners”.

The party is also asking Mr. Mahama to apologize for also raising false concerns that projects he started had been stopped by the NPP government. Addressing journalists at the party regional headquarters, the Regional Director said Mahama must apologize unconditionally for “his recklessness by selecting wrong gears that reversed the economic progress of the region”.

He responded again that all the said projects were stopped while the NDC was still in power and described the comment as one of “the truck full of lies and propaganda” Mahama peddled through his tour of the region.

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