Election 2020 not walk over for NDC – Goosie Tanoh

An aspiring flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Goosie Tanoh, has stated that although Ghanaians are complaining about economic hardship, it is not an indication that the 2020 general election is going to be “a walk over” for the NDC.

He explained that what would work for the NDC party was for its delegates to vote for a flag bearer that would ensure that the ideals of the party, such as probity, accountability, development, social justice and grass-roots participation, were made to work effectively.

Addressing party executives and some delegates of the NDC at Zuarungu, a suburb of the Bolgatanga municipality, on Saturday, Mr Tanoh pointed out that as one of the aspirants, he believed he stood tall among the NDC flag-bearer contestants who could ensure that those ideals that made the NDC the best among all the other political parties were maintained and made to work.


He expressed the conviction that the electoral fortunes of the NDC had been declining over the years due to the inability of the leadership of the party to maintain those standards of probity and accountability which gave the party a mass appeal and endeared it to the hearts of many Ghanaians.

The flag-bearer aspirant equally stressed that “anytime we as a party forget about those ideals we lose the elections and in the 2016 general election we lost about one million votes”.

“When money becomes the dominant force in our politics, we start killing one of the most important principles that we stand for; that is grass-roots participation and empowerment, a social democratic party,” Mr Tanoh further advised.

He called on the rank and file of the party to unite and help rebuild the party structures.

The Bolgatanga East Constituency NDC Chairman, Mr Isaac Azuure, expressed the hope that after delegates had elected the NDC flag bearer, “those who might not be successful should support the one who emerges as a winner to enable the party to win the 2020 general election.”

Open forum

During an open forum, some female party faithful said they were hopeful that “when Mr Tanoh wins he will give women adequate representation within the affairs of both the party and the NDC government when the party wins power.”

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