NDC Youth organisers blame former President Mahama

A group of branch Youth Organisers of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC in the Greater Accra Region have stated that former President John Dramani Mahama did not do enough to empower party grassroots.

“We were in power for Eight years, we have been out of power for just two years, how come our members have become so helpless that even when they are attacked, they cannot even defend themselves? The answer is simple; they are powerless because they were not empowered and the Mahama government made it so” Mr. Bernard Aryeequaye, a branch Youth Organiser has said.

Speaking in a news conference in Accra with Mr Bright Nukpeta, ‘U’ down NDC Youth Organiser and Abubakari Seidu, Nii Ayi branch Youth Organiser, Mr. Aryeequaye said the Mahama government failed to empower it’s own and even reduced the powers of some of them, “and that is the result we are seeing today”.

He recalled how the Mahama administration failed to enlist members of the NDC into National Security on grounds that they had not passed Mathematics and English Language.

“We have heard how some of our members are now asking former President Mahama whether the NPP National Security guys who attacked us, carried out the attack with Mathematics and English Language as weapons. We ask him again, now that we are being attacked, are we being attacked with Maths or English” Mr. Aryeequaye asked.

 “Under Mahama, even pro NDC Media houses collapsed” Mr. Aryeequaye said.

He also accused former President Mahama of strengthening NPPwhile he was president.  “President Mahama was in-charge when the NPP trained and equipped the Invincible Forces, he was president when the NPP brought in Syrians and retired Security Agents from south Africa to train their people, why didn’t he stop them?

He called on all members of the NDC to blame former President Mahama over the Ayawaso West Wuogon violence first before anyone else.

Mr. Bright Nukpeta said the Ayawaso West Wuogon violence was a vindication of Mr. ASK Bagbin’s position that the political unfairness caused mayhem and that, there could not be peace without justice and fairness.

“When Bagbin said unfairness was a recipe for trouble and that was why he and other flagbearer aspirants were standing up against political unfairness in the NDC, because unfairness anywhere is unfairness everywhere.

He said “indiscipline and lawlessness were on display during the violence in the by-election and these are things that the Deputy speaker has been warning all of us about”.

“JM as President did do enough, and that is why we were at a disadvantage in Ayawaso West Wuogon. Mr Bagbin was the first flagbearer aspirant to condemn the Ayawaso incident and the first to visit the victims at the 37 Military Hospital before others.

He said “ASK Bagbin is the best for NDC 2020, after all, truth is bitter but it is better”. Mr. Nukpeta concluded.