NDC Race: Ghanaians don’t like technology because of corruption – Nurideen Iddrisu

A presidential aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alhaji Nurideen Iddrisu thinks that many Ghanaians do not like technology because of corruption.

According to him, the endemic nature of corruption in the country could be weeded out if it is tackled with technology.

He added that many countries have used technology to reduce the menace of corruption to the barest minimum and that it is about time Ghana took advantage of technology to fight the canker.

Speaking to Graphic Online in an exclusive interview in Accra, Alhaji Nurideen said corruption is retarding the development of the country, explaining that “Corruption is all over the place,” and that “corruption is something that is destroying the nation.”

Alhaji Nurideen, a banker and oil and gas consultant, who is seeking to lead the NDC in the 2020 elections, said “Because of corrupt practices, people do not like technology because it is a way of fighting corruption.”

He maintained that “technology can solve the problem”.

He said leadership is the problem in the country when it comes to issues of dealing with corruption.

“Leadership is the problem. It starts from the top,” Alhaji Nurideen said, noting also that “if the leader lives by example, trust me, we won’t have all these corruption issues or challenges in the system as it pertains now.”

Besides technology, he said, he would also introduce ethical values system education and empower the judiciary.

The ethical value system education, Alhaji Nurideen explained, will be taught from primary one to the tertiary levels to draw people’s attention to the negative effects   of corruption on the state.

According to him, corruption can be well fought if efforts start from the children.

He added that he would also empower and retool the judiciary to enable them function effectively and efficiently in prosecuting corruption cases.

Alhaji Nurideen said he would ensure that the court processes are integrated with technology so that people can sit in their homes and file cases.

“I will ensure that technology works in our judiciary system. We use technology to fight corruption,” he said, adding that “I will ensure that all the courts use technology.”

He also said he would live by example as a leader, saying that it is only when the leader himself is not corrupt that is when the citizenry would learn from him.

Daily Graphic

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