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Danny Anang is a Ghanaian Politician, Businessman and Marketing Professional with a burning vision to better the lot of the average Ghanaian through dedicated public service; throughout his career in the Corporate world and also in Politics, Danny Anang has distinguished himself as a an accomplished, PRINCIPLED, GOD-FEARING AND HUMBLE SERVANT-LEADER. He is a master of Strategy and a Deep Thinker.

A proven, efficient and results-oriented Achiever, Chairman Danny, as he is affectionately called by his admirers, combines his focus on high performance with a philosophy that thrives on teamwork and oneness of purpose. Danny Anang is multi-skilled, combining a wide range of skills in leading projects in which he is involved to great success. He is down-to-earth, affable and yet, very firm.

Danny Anang has been actively involved in Politics for over 27 years.

Early Politics

Chairman Danny Anang started his active life in partisan politics upon the birth of the National Democratic Congress in 1992 when Ghana returned to multi-party democracy. This, in his words, “was a natural progression from my days as a cadre of the June 4, 1979 Revolution, which brought then Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings into office as Leader and Head of State”.

In those early years of the National Democratic Congress [NDC], Danny Anang was heavily involved in raising leaders at various levels in the Greater Accra Region.

Danny Anang was the first Regional Deputy Organizer for the NDC in the Greater Accra Region and played a major role in establishing the Cells and Units of the lower party structures which were later converted into Branches of the party in the region.

He became Greater Accra Regional Treasurer from 2000-2005.

From 1992 – 2005 Danny Anang served as Constituency Chairman for the Ledzokuku Constituency. As Constituency Chairman, he also took on the responsibility of coordinating a “District” [the Kpeshie District] made up of 3 Constituencies – Dadekotopon, Krowor, Ledzokuku; all these three seats were taken by the NDC in the election in which he coordinated these three constituencies, a task he successfully applied himself to for six years. Danny Anang managed the Constituency for 13 years and this gave him a thorough understanding of the work at the grassroots level of the NDC.
Magic in Greater Accra

Danny Anang became Greater Accra Regional Chairman in 2005, at a time when the NDC had only 10 Constituencies out of the then 26 seats in the region and the party was also in opposition. He boldly predicted that the NDC was going to win 19 seats under his stewardship. The NDC won 18 of these seats, effectively winning 8 seats to add to the ten that the party already had upon his assumption of office. This great achievement was chalked on the back of Chairman Danny Anang energizing the Branches in all constituencies in the Greater Accra Region and created a Constituency Chairmen’s caucus, round about 2004, which became a vibrant source of energy for the NDC at a time that three key leaders of the party [i.e. J. J. Rawlings, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills and Obed Asamoah] were at loggerheads with each other. By the intervention of this caucus, ably supported by other party stalwarts, they were able to get the issues of divergence resolved.

2008 Elections Activity – Key Originator: 2008 door-to-door Campaign

As Chairman [elected in 2005], he was an Initiator of the door-to-door campaign that later became touted as a key strategy that propelled His Excellency, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills [of blessed memory] to the Presidency. He was heavily involved in executing this strategy and later on became a strong supporting hand to President John Evans Atta-Mills, who sadly passed on into glory in 2013.

National Vice-Chairmanship

After successfully leading Greater Accra, Danny Anang later on rose to the position of a National Vice-Chairperson of the NDC, a position he held from 2009-2013.

2016 Elections Activity

During the 2016 Elections, Danny Anang played an active role in working to bring together splinter groups which had sprung up in the build up to the Elections, when it became clear that these groups were at loggerheads with each other; and this development was hampering the re-election bid of then President John Dramani Mahama. He initiated a composite Group called the Volunteers For Mahama [VFM] which was running very well until it was decided that the group should be disbanded for a number of reasons deemed appropriate by the party leadership.

Later on, after the movement was disbanded, new Groups sprung up again and Danny Anang was asked to coordinate the groups, a task which he successfully executed before handing the project over to the “Youth Wing of the Party”.

Other Party Roles Played

Danny Anang has been a member of the NDC’s Complaints and Conflict Resolution Committee from 2009 to date. He has also served on the Constitutional Review Committee of the party headed by Messrs Ken Dzirasah and Alban Bagbin at different points in the life of this Committee. He worked o various National Congress Planning Committees and also on various National Task Forces.


Upon acquiring educational qualifications in Accounting and Marketing [from the Rapid Results College of London, United Kingdom, obtained in 1972], Danny Anang started his working life as an Accounts Clerk stationed at the Volta Hotel [a member of the State Hotels Group], Akosombo, where he worked from 1966 – 1971.

Thereafter, he moved to Ghana Cold Stores, where he was initially engaged as an Accounts Clerk. He was later encouraged to move into the Sales/Marketing function of the business upon the advice of Mrs. Aanaa Enin, who was then a Quality Control Officer with Ghana Cold Stores.

He was transferred to the Ashanti Region to be the Regional Marketing Manager of the State Fishing Corporation, which has merged with Ghana Cold Stores. Danny Anang rose to become Area Manager for the corporation, overseeing the Northern, Upper West, Brong Ahafo and the Ashanti regions.

Private Business

In 1982, Danny Anang established Daben Waste Management Services and placed it under the management of a Management Team. He later took up direct management of the business in 1998.

Danny Anang has been largely successful in this entrepreneurial journey.


FOUR PILLARS – Rebuild, Resource, Redirect, Recapture!

Danny Anang’s stated Vision for the party:

“I envision a stronger and greater National Democratic Congress; with rebuilt structures at all levels of the party, functionally well-resourced with dedicated and committed members who truly believe in the principles of social democracy and whose positive energies are perpetually re-directed towards fostering sustainable unity, enduring belief and positive growth in a progressively positive environment to enable us completely recapture our noble values , our mass appeal and the confidence of Ghanaians to lead them in 2021 and for many years thereafter”

1. Will build a party that is vibrant and strong in Government and in Opposition; by strengthening Party Structures and Systems, whilst building the capacity of Party workers at all levels. Danny Annang believes that the Party is stronger when the Party’s base is stronger
2. Will support Party members to develop their careers and advance their education
3. Will establish a Fund [via a Constituency based Business Model]: Sustainable Financing to make the party, both at its base, and at the national level, strong and self-sustaining
4. Will institute a system that will strongly motivate Staff and persons who work for the Party at all levels, including Polling Station Operatives
5. Build the capacity of the Media and support them to expand their presence/influence
6. Will Empower Party members especially the grassroots to be able to effectively manage party matters at all levels
7. Will direct the energies of all party functionaries towards a positive and focused approach to all activities
8. Recapture the Essence of the Great NDC [Our values, Our Control, Our vigilance, Our Power…..and Our Glory!!!

Team Danny Anang

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