MenzGold customers to demonstrate on 19th Feb in Tarkwa

Aggrieved customers of Menzgold Ghana limited have a issued a threat to embark another demonstration in Tarkwa on Tuesday, 19th February , 2019.

This follows government’s failure to meet a three-day ultimatum for releasing details on the retrieval of customers’ locked up cash.

A spokesperson of the aggrieved customers, Samuel Odartey has said the intended demonstration is expected to compel government to address their concerns.

“We have given government an ultimatum but it seems they are not heeding to our demands and so we want to do another nationwide demonstration in Tarkwa. We think this is a nationwide crisis so if the government is minded about what is happening to its citizens then it needs to say something about it.”

This is about the third time aggrieved customers of the the embattled gold dealership firm Menzgold Ghana Limited are staging a demonstration.

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