Medical Drones will take pictures of your naked wives – Hannah Bissiw

The National Women Organiser of the Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Hannah Bissiw has told men in rural communities  the controversial Medical Drones introduced by government to dispense blood during emergencies, will also take naked pictures of their wives when they are bathing.

According to her, it is well known that every drone has high power pixel camera capable of taken pictures and so she suspects that government wants to clandestinely use the drones to take naked pictures of women in rural areas when bathing in their uncovered bathrooms.

“Those drones have videos in them. So I am telling Nana-Addo and Bawumia that the drone they are bringing, which can take pictures, and has someone sitting behind computer and directing it in villages in the name of supplying blood, we know CHPS compounds do not offer blood.

“That thing can take pictures and they can take pictures. So when it passes by your village and your bathroom, it will take pictures. So the men listening to me, those drones can take pictures of your naked wives when they are bathing because in the villages our bathrooms are not covered. So they can take pictures of your naked breasts and other things.  We know those drones can take pictures but we don’t want the drones, we  want those vans that John Mahama was using to supply blood, those vans were effective and helpful,”  Bissiw said this Saturday at Asamankese in the Eastern Region during a Party for Constituency Women Organisers and widows in the region by the Regional Women Organiser Shirley Naana Osei Ampem.

Hannah Bissiw and Shirley Naana Ampem

Madam Bissiw also took a swipe at the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensah, over what she described as the irregularity-riddled Referendum which was recently held.

According to her, the alleged fraudulent activities that happened during the referendum was a dressed rehearsal of conspiracy by the government and the EC to rig the 2020 election which she said the NDC is fully prepared and ready to ensure that nobody circumvents the will of the people.

The Eastern Regional Women’s Organizer, Shirley Naana Ampem, said the program was to energize the Women Organizers for the task ahead. According to her, other economic empowerment programs have been planned for them to help them diversify for financial sustainability.

All the Women organisers and Widows who attended the program were offered gifts.


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