Breaking: Media house fakes Interpol arrest to do government bidding on Mahama, but Interpol denies knowledge

A Red Notice is not an arrest warrant according to Interpol

As we near towards the general elections fake news will continue to come up, but it is important as always that the Ghanaian media double check their sources before they destroy reputations.

A further research done by, can confirm that, Interpol has not issued any arrest warrant for Samuel Adam Mahama, as it has been widely publicised by some so called media houses in Ghana.

A simple search on Interpol’s website confirms that, out of the 7305 wanted individuals globally, Samuel Adam Mahama is not one of such fugitives on their wanted lists.

Equally, per the headed letter in circulation purported to be the arrest warrant, the said warrant was classified as red notice, but according Interpol, “a Red Notice is an international wanted persons notice, but it is not an arrest warrant”.

Similarly, international legal experts have also confirmed that circuit courts in Ghana, have no such judicial powers to invoke the authority of Interpol to issue an arrest warrant on any individual.

Link to interpol’s search website:

Interpol’s constitution can be found Constitution of the ICPO-INTERPOL-EN

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