Lies told by women after love making

Women can either boost a man’s ego or break it. At that night of making love, women make their men feel good by mostly lying to them. This is because men always brag about how good they are in bed only to end up disappointing.

Some do it out of love for their partners, others do it to boost a man’s ego while others do because they need favors from their partners. This specially is for cheating partners who want material favors.

If you happen to tell a man he is not good, you will definitely lower his self-esteem and might never look for you ever again

1. No man has ever made me feel this way

It is possible your ex was way better than your current boyfriend or partner but you have to boost his ego and esteem by telling him he is good when he even can’t reach the G-spot.

2. I will never cheat on you

This is because you are with her at that moment and possibly you were too good that you gave her orgasms that was the climax unlike other men that she’s ever had.

3. You are so big

You have to impress him out of love as much as you’ve had better cassava before. This lie is common with girls because they want to boost that man’s ego because they brag a lot of how big they are.

4. I ‘came’ so much

Normally, it’s either women will take a long time to c** or they won’t. To impress that man, you have to fake orgasms and tell him no man has ever made you c** that much before. This will definitely make him think he did a good job. He will feel a hero.

5. I love you

She probably doesn’t love you but has to make you happy and give her what she wants.


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