Lewis Hamilton says Africa should be on F1 calendar

Africa is “the most important place” that should be added to the Formula 1 race calendar.

That is the view of Lewis Hamil ton, who has been heavily involved in the new Black Lives Matter movement that is sweeping America and the world.

Africa is the only habitable continent missing from the sport’s annual schedule.

“Africa is such an important place to go back to,” the Mercedes driver and six-time world champion said.

“At the moment F1 goes to countries and doesn’t really leave much behind, if anything. It needs to be held where it’s not all about money, it’s about people.

“F1 has to shift into being a sport that does go to place and leaves behind something that can really help the communities,” Hamilton, 35, added.

“Bringing the attention back to Africa and highlighting the beautiful place it is, I think that’s the most important place that we have to go to.”

Credit: GrandPx