Lands: ‘Developers, politicians have conspired to take over our lands’ – CSIR

The Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has indicated that almost all lands in all of its 13 institutes across the country, meant for research activities have been encroached on.

This according to them, has been done by developers in conjunction with politicians and high-profile personalities.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the Council to register their displeasure, the Chairman of the Council, Prof. Kingsford Adaboh, indicated among other allegations that activities of the Ga West Municipal Chief Executive, Clement Wilkinson, and the works and housing ministry have led to the destruction of lands for PhD studies to the tune of over 2 billion dollars.

He said more than 8 acres of land for its headquarters in airport residential area had been given out to Dr. Kwabena Duffour, including 6 bungalows amounting to 25 million Ghana cedis as purported in assets published by Dr. Kwabena Duffour.

“Encroachment on these properties are seriously posing threats to the Institute. Virtually all CSIR lands, all over the country, meant for research activities in all the 13 institutes including the Head Office, if not already encroached are under serious threat of encroachment by developers or persons who wield political influence in Ghana . As we speak, lands at Pokuase secured by government for CSIR research activities years ago are under serious threat.

“The Ga West Municipal Executive (MCE), Mr. Clement Wikerson in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Housing under the pretext of constructing affordable housing unit have destroyed large acreage of land meant for research purposes. They have succeeded in destroying planting materials, including rare species of specially cultivated forage. The cost of destruction is worth more than $ 2 billion. Lives of individuals, especially our security coordinator are being threatened. Equally incredible is the fact that 8.5 acres of our lands at the Airport Residential area have been given out to Dr. Kwabena Dufuor which amounts to $25 million dollars. It is still alarming to hear that one acre of our land has been given to a company owned by Dr. Sam Jonah.”

Do not sacrifice research land for resettlement – CSIR

This is not the first time the Institute has raised concerns over the illegal use of their research lands.

In 2015, the Institute vowed to resist attempts by government to move  Old Fadama residents to their offices at Pokuase, saying they need the space for their research activities.


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