Oscar Doe Bashes Shatta Wale, Agya Koo For Accepting Exim Bank Deal

Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has lashed out at entertainment celebrities, Shatta Wale and Agya Koo for failing to act as role models, by reportedly receiving 2 million and 250,000 cedis respectively from the government to be appointed as ambassadors for the The Ghana Export-Import Bank (GEXIM).

He described the deal as a bribe from the NPP-led administration.

The obviously livid businessman and philanthropist known for his massive support to entertainment celebrities, said the duo should have know better and show love for country by not accepting such unreasonable payments for doing nothing. He described them as ‘greedy celebs‘ dealing with a ‘Sakawa presidency‘, in a social media post this morning. Read it below…

“Greedy Celebs & Sakawa Presidency: It Has Emerged (That) Shatta Wale Has Been Given Approximately 2 Million Ghana Cedis (Of) Taxpayers Money From The GhanaExim Bank For Doing Nothing. Another 250 Thousand Ghana Cedis (Has) Also Been Given To Agya Koo Also For Doing Nothing. We Are Told (That) The NPP Government Appointed A Consulting Firm Which Appointed These 2 Guys As Brand Ambassadors For EximGhana? So The Question Is..

1. The Exim Ghana Bank Was Setup By The NDC John Mahama’s Administration Purposely To Support Ghanaian Exporters To Earn More Foreign Currency. It Means That The Government’s Only Obligation Is To Support Exports To Earn More Foreign Currency For Ghana. So Why This Nonsense?

2. Are We Saying To Export Goods From Ghana To The Outside World To Help Us Gain More Foreign Currency Needs Celebrity’s Endorsement? Really? Weird! Does Ghana Need Brand Ambassadors To Export Goods? Joker! Bizzare Situation! Abuse Of Public Purse Left And Right For Selfish Gain!

Finally: Shatta Wale And Agya Koo Should Have Known Better And Act As Role Models For Love Of Country. Life Should Not Always Be About Immediate Personal Gain. That Approach Cannot Stand The Test Of Time.

Both Men Owe Ghanaians Explanation. This is A Bribe!

Akufo Addo’s Presidency Is Obviously The Biggest Scam To Hit Ghana. Someone Built For The Future, And He (Nana Addo) Is Squandering Them Like His Family Property.

Credit: Peacefmonline.com