Jeremie turns around, claims she’s a virgin at age 31

Up on Live FM this morning, while fans were sharing stuff they would never do on the LBC show, a fan sent in a message that she would never sleep with any man before she gets married.

After reading the fan’s comment, 31 year old Jeremie added that;

“Ladies stop giving your goodies out to whoever,..whenever! You’re having them taste your cookie when your cookie should be kept in a box. Actually it should be kept in a glass box until he puts a ring on it. Just saying….At least i’m not alone!”

“At least i’m not alone”?? Casting our minds back, back in October 2015, she (Jeremie Van-Garshong) cried at the University of Ghana, Legon on a Sunday evening when Ohemaa Mercy kicked off her campus tour dubbed Praise Break 2015, after sharing the promiscuous lifestyle she enjoyed years ago.

At the event, she mentioned she wasn’t satisfied although she was on TV and radio, went into drinking, adding that “I was on television but i was depressed, I tried maybe, guys! Because maybe if i found the love of a man and he made me feel good, i would be satisfied. But can i get real? Even that could not satisfy me.”

On this note, how did Jeremie gain back her virginity? She turns 32 years in two months (21st June). Still a virgin at this age?


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