Jean Mensah’s incessant errors partly behind the reason Ghanaians are suffering – NDC Chairman

Jean Mensah’s incessant errors partly behind the reason Ghanaians are suffering – NDC Chairman

Comrade Ken P.N. Johnson

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Chairman for West Midlands, United Kingdom, Comrade Ken Papa Nkrumah Johnson, has blamed the current unprecedented economic hardships being faced by Ghanaians all over the country on the electoral commission for it’s actions during the 2020 presidential elections.

According to him, the current situation could have been avoided if many Ghanaian’s had protested against some of the bad decisions of the EC officials leading to the general elections.

The bad leadership and the heinous crimes perpetuated by the current crop of electoral commissioners led by Jean Mensah will not be forgotten by those who believe in our democracy, the chairman added. You will recall that, for the first time in Ghana, no EC, has had to retract and fidget so much with blunders on election results.

The kamikaze-style mission by Jean Mensah to speedily announce the 2020 presidential results and thereby making Akuffo Addo’s second term possible has enormously contributed to the mismanagement of the economy. We are now facing the ugly consequences of their bad leadership between 2017 and 2022.

Mr Johnson was speaking to some Ghanaian supporting group on the 7th August, 2022, during the commonwealth games in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He said, the country cannot forgive the sins of the electoral commissioners and their roles played in making life hard for the ordinary people. Businesses are collapsing daily at an alarming rate which is adding to the already pressures on unemployment in Ghana. Those who have and can afford to live beyond their means are only few and seem to be associated with the government. But the government argues that the cost of living crises in Ghana now is as a result of the Russia/Ukraine war. Unbelievably, the government is hoping they can use propaganda to win over Ghanaians on the bad state of the economy. What they can not proof is that, Ghana does not do much trade with both Russian and Ukraine. Clearly, Akuffo Addo is bereft of good governance culture and also lacks what it takes to manage an economy.

The NDC Chairman added, President John Dramani Mahama left Ghanaians with a resounding economy in 2017, and ended doomzor, but what we see now is hardships all over the place.

EC Commissioners

President Akuffo Addo is living an unsustainable lifestyle which is also contributing to the hardships the ordinary Ghanaian is faced with today. In any serious country, the allegations made by Serwa Bronyi alone would have costed the the president to resign. But as you know, resignation is not in the ethos of the NPP. As citizens, we must put the blame on the cost of living crisis squarely on the EC and the lifestyle choices of Akuffo Addo. The president has impracticable understanding of basic economics and that is why he can’t even reshuffle his ministers or reduce the size of his government. This is so because, the amount of money burrowed under Ken Ofori Atta could not have happened if the electoral commission had done the right thing in 2020. Ken Ofori Atta only plays casino with our funds and makes profit by commission. Whilst, everyone is feeling the pinch of hardship, he keeps making money through through DataBank. We have thugs in public service who continue to cause unnecessary hemorrhage to the aspiration of the good people of Ghana.

We must let the EC know that, their bad decisions has caused life’s and properties to be destroyed. Some nine Ghanaians died during the last elections. Those bloods shared will remain the sole responsibility of the electoral commissioners and their appointing agents.

He advised the good people of Ghana to resist any attempt by the electoral commission to commit any faux pas by only using the Ghana Card for voter registration exercise. He said, if such a decision is allowed, it would be an infringement on the fundamental human rights of the ordinary Ghanaian. We must speak against oppressors of our democracy and civil liberties. We know the EC officials have allegedly committed felony against the state. We will audit their books at the right time and make no mistake, justice would be served.

He called on all civil society groups, business leaders, religious bodies and the teeming youth to arise and demand equitable justice.